About S. W. Bajus, Ltd.

S. W. Bajus, Ltd. is an award-winning commercial real estate development and management company with holdings in the Greater Philadelphia region and southern New Jersey. The company’s focus is on property acquisition, planning, renovation, construction, leasing, and ongoing property management.

The first property purchased and renovated by S. W. Bajus, Ltd. was Haverford Square in 1977, followed by several other highly regarded properties including the landmark Chestnut Hill Hotel. S. W. Bajus, Ltd. continues to expand its activities and influence in the real estate sector with a portfolio that has grown to include mixed-use, retail, office, residential, and hospitality properties predominantly located along Philadelphia’s coveted Main Line. Notable properties include the Wayne Hotel, Rosemont Business Campus, Rosemont Square, Anthony Wayne Theatre, and The Radnor Hotel.

S. W. Bajus, Ltd. is committed to providing exceptional real estate products and excellent opportunities and services to our retail, office, and residential tenants.

Tenant Testimonials

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